Winnie the Pooh (and) Happy Pi Day!

In one of my favorite stories about Winnie the Pooh, the titular bear visits Rabbit and ends up eating all of his honey. On attempting to exit, the silly ol' bear manages to get himself stuck halfway out the front door. The attempted extraction fails, as does any attempt to return him to the interior. Rabbit is stuck with using Pooh's feet at towel hangers and exiting through the back door while Pooh slims down. The bear, of course, is anxious to know how long it will take; Eeyore replies, "Days. Weeks. Months. Who knows."

"And then, one morning, when Rabbit was beginning to think he might never be able to use his front door again, it happened!" After interminable days of waiting, Winnie the Pooh finally moves. Rabbit is ecstatic, calling, "Christopher Rabin! Uh, uh, Crostopher Robin! He bidged! He badged! He booged! Today's the day!"

I may not have had an overweight Pooh-bear stuck in my front door, but I absolutely understand Rabbit's consternation. After "day, weeks, months..." (though not quite years), I finally finished everything. Or at least, everything enough to get my inspection for framing, electrical, and plumbing. And it passed! Huzzah! I am, understandably, and also understatedly, quite pleased. This has been a long time coming, and while there is still quite a lot of work left to do, this was a major milestone, and does great things for my confidence in my work. In fact, the inspector commented that the siding and windows looked as if it were part of the original house, rather than transferred from inside. The plumber, meanwhile, was quite happy with my work, and that he didn't have any tips for me, because everything was just fine. Both said that I'd done good, solid work.


As I mentioned, that's not the last of it; I need three more inspections: a sewage inspection, whereby I fill the entire system with water to make sure nothing leaks; an insulation inspection; and a final inspection, after all the drywall, flooring, tile, mud, fixtures, and appliances have been put in. Tonight, I'm going to order insulation and drywall (or possibly tomorrow afternoon, I'm not sure when the business closes for the evening); I'll also get the caps and such I need to fill up the sewage pipes. More work, but it's forward progress!

At the end of that story, by the way, Winnie the Pooh dresses up as a rain cloud and gets stuck in the honey tree, which is where he wanted to be all along. I hope that I, too, can end up where I want to be, though my problem is more raccoon than honey bee...

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