The Final Countdown (or) Inspection Projection

Let me begin by apologizing for the erratic feel of this post. I've worked on so many bits and pieces over the last couple weeks, and hit on so many interesting things to share that it's hard to focus on just one. With that in mind...

I grew up in Kansas, about a mile outside the city limits. I learned how to do plumbing, roofing, put up drywall and siding, and generally how to fix and/or build a house from my dad; however, we never had to mess with any building permits. Being outside the city, we could do what we liked, for the most part. The most we ever had to deal with was reporting some of the larger modifications (like when we built a whole house as an addition to our existing house) for tax purposes. And even then, it was hardly anything formal. Living inside the city, however, I have to deal with permits and inspections; it's a whole new world, and it puts some remarkable constraints on what I can and can't do.

In this case, once I've gotten my building permit, there are two inspections. The first inspection occurs after the framing, wiring, plumbing, sewage, HVAC ducts, siding, and calking have been completed; the second inspection occurs after the insulation, drywall, windows, doors, and flooring go in, but before painting.

I've completed the installation of almost everything. Or rather, I've completed the installation of everything, almost. There is a difference. It's gotten to the point of a project that I hate the most: the nitty-gritty details.

  • Framing? Finished... except for the nook archway, which needs to happen last.
  • Wiring? Finished... except for a single wire to connect the closet and the nook.
  • Plumbing? Finished... except for installing five caps and a tub adapter.
  • Sewage? Finished... except for one bathtub drain I need to fit and install.
  • Vents? Not finished, actually, though I have the materials ready.
  • Siding? Finished... except about two pieces very, very high up.
  • Calking? Finished... except along the bottom edge of the new siding, and a hole off to one side.

As you can see, every single part of my project has a tiny bit left. I'm working through the last details, but it's a little frustrating when I keep finding bits and pieces that just aren't done yet. Better than failing inspection, of course, but still frustrating. Still, I'm managing to stay positive. I really am getting things done, regardless of how it feels.

I'm really looking forward to having the first inspection; once I'm past that, I can add insulation and drywall, which will seriously improve the house's existing insulation. Additionally, putting up insulation and drywall, mudding, and painting are all quick-and-easy things, without the need for a whole lot of planning. Get the materials, get cracking, and get done. It will take a lot less time after that point than it did getting to it.

Every piece done is another step closer to finally finishing, and that is definitely something I look forward to.

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