Much awaited Pictures post

Hi, I'm the unofficial-official photographer of Brass Peregrine. My posts will usually just be filled with Pictures and descriptions. So shall we get on with the pictures??
This is the Brass Peregrine

Isn't she gorgeous!  This picture was taken on June 11, 2013; to open up my fist post of pictures I wanted to start with what this beautiful house looks like from the front.
Her owners will call this the Rose entrance on account of this wonderful door:

(this picture was taken from the inside)

And the over 20 rosebushes in the front garden.

beautiful rose on work day in May
More of the rose bushes in the front garden
and even more of them

One of the owners playing with petals

In May they had a major work weekend. They gathered all their friends and family and went to work on restoring some of this house. I'm going to post all the pictures and put descriptions on them:

The kitchen being torn apart to do some plumbing repairs

From Street View

The price of having a teenager doing demo work...He demos

Front windows that have had paint scraped around them

This will be the Purple Iris Entry

a more straight on shot of it

You might be able to see the stain glass on the door of
Purple Iris

There was rot here so they pulled down
boards & discovered no insulation

Yes that is looking into a room

A few more pictures of the wall:
their backyard

The wonderful back porch area
I have ideas for this but I'm not the owner lol

The stairs and the screened in upper story porch...
it won't stay this way

I love this shot I don't know why

Some of the flowers by the back porch

To the right of the Rose Entrance

More flowers that surround this house

Building a "driveway" with remnants
of sidewalk from the front

...And also some old boards.

A brother hard at work scraping paint

The Magnolia Tree that littlest owners have already climbed

A View from the back screened in porch


Priming the back porch

Mopping the wall to be primed

Nothing beats conversation when you are working hard

ahh a wee break from breaking cement

An Owner and his home

upstairs balcony

Installing Insulation

Quite a bit done

A hard working teenager

Some Interior shots...please be patient as I'm still playing with my camera so some of them were attempts at taking "artistic" shots
This upstairs in the ManCave...what a ceiling fan!

these awesome curtains came WITH the house

The front foyer's chandelier

Stairs going down

One of the upstairs bedrooms

The railing view from the stairs

Coming down the stairs

This is in the upstairs bathroom, It once had a standing
shower that was removed

This is supposed to be a walk in closet...Right now it's been
Demolished by teen boys

More of the Closet
Remember the hole on the side of the house? 

This goes to empty space

The rest of the upstairs bathroom

2 doors - 1 to the closet 1 to the screened
in porch

Upstairs porch off one of the bedrooms

This would be the Rose Entry Upstairs porch

This is the door, check out the details...I want to repaint it
paint the detail in contrasting colors...but not my

Rose Entry - primed

side of house between Rose and Iris entries

Look at that pretty wood!

ahh the drained water feature because
water feature + 2 little boys = no peace & quiet

Window that the children "painted"

Steps going to the screened porch

You can't see it terribly well, but the blue color
around that hole is the color of the original trim!

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